About Us

We are Talis Property Fund

Integrity, openness, passion, innovation and excellence.

Talis Property Fund has grown through a series of property acquisitions from 2007, with a strong ethos of operating with integrity, openness, passion, innovation and excellence. TPF continues to grow and make its mark on the South African and regional landscape with its pioneering and entrepreneurial vision.

Talis Property Fund is 100% black-owned and managed property investment company and is  part of the Talis Holdings Group whose primary focus is on unlocking investment opportunities through the diverse sectors within the African economy and specifically through its subsidiaries, in the property, ICT, finance, media, agriculture and infrastructure development sectors.


Over 9 years of knowledge and experience in delivering turnkey property development projects

Ownership of existing property portfolio valued at almost a billon rand

Proven and impeccable track record in successfully developing office buildings in Johannesburg and Nelspruit for rent to various Government departments

Strong financial capacity to deliver a significant turnkey project of this nature

100% BEE credentials

Significant and proven internal technical, operational and management capacity



Partnering with Integrity, openness, passion, innovation and excellence.


Talis Property Fund partners with other property companies throughout South Africa to develop and where it can improve economic benefits to the surrounding communities. TPF have extensive experience and the requisite skills in fund raising and efficiently structuring various types of transactions. As such, the group has strong long-term relationships with key funders in the market.


Talis Property Fund’s track record clearly demonstrates that a significant portion of their property developments are either in townships or in central business districts (CBD’s) which require significant investment in order to revive them and provide better opportunities for previously disadvantaged communities that have now moved into these CBD’s.


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